Thursday, 6 May 2021

We hosted a pre-Mother's Day lunch for seniors in Sauce

 Our grandmothers group now stands at 20 members attending every Thursday afternoon for crafts, exercise, chatting and snacks.  All were invited to our pre-Mother's Day lunch which we have offered yearly for the past 9 years.  However due to fears about Covid, some stayed away so we had only 13 joining us for lunch this year.

Friday, 22 January 2021

Jungle sailing


Eight year old grandson Lucas steers the only large sailboat in the Peruvian Amazon area that was created in 2012 by joining 3 traditional wooden boats to form a trimaran. When the breeze is blowing it moves right along powered by 3 sails.  In calm weather we use a low-emission Evinrude 6HP 4-stroke motor.  As you can see there is planty of space for 2 kayaks which we use at our various swimming beaches.

Lucas and Paulo's dad José hauls up the mainsail.

                                                                                      Bondo, Lucas and Paulo. 

Our friend Willi Helmbrecht from Germany relaxes in a hammock with a bottle of Peru's finest brew.  He took these pictures.  Danke Willi!

                                                                  Martin, Lourdes and Maria Lourdes, fifth grade teacher at Colegio Waldorf  Lima having a well-deserved vacation. 

Lima Colegio Waldorf eurythmist Darsi and family.

                                                                                              Heading back.

                                                                                              Bondo ready to jump ship.

                                                  Here's our repaired 18 ft dugout canoe ready to be put back in the lake.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Learning the guitar

 Feels good to be out of lockdown here in Sauce and starting to teach a few chords to youngsters so we can play the song 'Todos juntos' (all together) originally by the Chilean band Los Jaivas.  We are not quite ready to give a concert yet!

Along with other guitar playing basics I showed how the guitar can be tuned without using an electronic device.  There was some amazement expressed.

Friday, 15 January 2021

Grandmothers group resumes


The last meeting was back in March 2020 and now Lourdes' group of abuelas (grandmothers) is back in its Friday afternoon time slot for stretching exercises crafts, talking, snacks and a personal consultation with our friend Dr Oscar seen in the background.

                                       Very proud of their new teeshirts organised by Lourdes.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

More children back at Estrella de Sauce

 Finally we have small as well as older children coming to morning classes at our 'Escuelita' as the locals call it.  It's been way too long that our facility has not been in use.

                                                                                       Ruth and friends learning how to weave

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Estrella de Sauce opens again

 Having been required to close in March at the onset of the Covid pandemic we have now re-opened and I have been teaching English to a small group of teenagers who are keen to learn. It does feel good to have our educational project up and running again.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

New mural


Artist son-in-law José Mattos Chahualla painted this combination feline/owl with Shipibo design elements on a balcony wall at our house over the the Christmas and New Years' holidays.