Sunday, 29 January 2017

Balcony finish carpentry

 Maestro Victor and his crew have been helping me get the facade of our house in Sauce moved along towards completion.  The next step will be to install bug-proof screening which will make both balconies pleasant places to hang out in a hammock. I plan to put a horizontal wire on the facade to see if I can get the bougainvillea to grow along it.

 I have also been working on getting a second guest bedroom completed.  Stay tuned for upcoming photos of that.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Please help us raise funds for 2017

Dear friends, family and past volunteers,

Please consider making a donation to Estrella de Sauce as we begin our year with 'Vacacciones Utiles' (holiday camp) for 120 children in three communities.

We are also about to resume our weekly get-togethers for 26 senior citizens, classes for 60 children in different age groups and classes including medical help for twelve handicapped children and youth.

Estrella de Sauce can be seen as a pilot program demonstrating a new way to offer Waldorf alternative education to families way down the economic totem pole at little or no cost.

Our long term objective is to finish our cafe and bed and breakfast hostal so that it can produce funds to support our educational and social programs within the community of Sauce, but we are in need of extra funds to push this forward towards completion, also to maintain and upgrade our Estrella de Sauce facility and our Estrella del Lago sailing catamaran.

We have kicked off a crowdfunding campaign at:

thanks in advance for your help and you are always welcome to come and visit

Martin and Lourdes

Saturday, 17 December 2016

End of year fiestas at Estrella de Sauce

Here in the Southern hemisphere it is the end of the school year.  At Estrella de Sauce we gave gifts cake and drinks to the children who attend our daily program on Thursday and on Friday we had another celebration for our senior citizens group who meet once a week throughout the year.

Now we will take a break for a few weeks before beginning our 'vacacciones utiles' summer camp for 120 children in 3 different communities.

We send holiday greetings to all our past volunteers, our supporters, friends and family.

!Paz y luz a todos!

Christmas gifts for 26 senior citizens

Mercedes serves up fiesta goodies

Christmas songs with guitar and harmonica

Denise hands out gifts

Our volunteers Miriam and Mercedes

Thursday, 3 November 2016

November in the United Sates

Volunteer Denise relaxing aboard 'Estrella del Lago' as we head for the swimming beach.

Lourdes and I are heading north to the USA for all of the rest of November.  We have a new grandchild, Rowan Stevens in Asheville North Carolina who we will be meeting for the first time.  We plan to offer baby-sitting services to his mom Betsy and dad Lief so they can go out on the town while we are visiting.

We leave our Waldorf educational and social project Estrella de Sauce in the capable hands ofour wonderful volunteers Mercedes who comes from Pucallpa, Peru, Miriam who is from Cologne, Germany and Denise from near Hamburg in northern Germany.

Mercede is a trainee Waldorf teacher and an expert in Shipibo embroidery.

We all went out for a last sail, swim and kayak messabout on Monday after which I prepared our 33 foot sailing catamaran 'Estrella del Lago' for our month away by removing all loose gear such as sails, motor etc and tying her up with extra ropes as November tends to have strong winds on the lake.

We will arrive in the US on November 7, right before what pomises to be a wierd and interesting presidential election.

 Miriam cruising aboard 'Estrella del Lago' ready to do some kayaking.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Another field trip for the grandmothers of Sauce and a 10 day educational project near the city of Pucallpa


Lourdes and volunteers Victoria, Luka and Miriam travelled to the city of Pucallpa then took a small river launch upstream on the rio Ucayali to reach the small community of Ceilan.  With a group of 40 children they held daily classes in movement, painting, drawing, reading, writing and arithmetic.  They also made delicious jungle-style food together.


As part of our educational and social outreach in the community of Sauce we hold a weekly crafts and social get-together for women over 60 on Friday afternoons.  For 5 years now we have hosted field trips for these ladies to different locations around our region of San Martin province.  This year we decided to go to Chazuta about 1 1/2 hours away.  It is another small town that sits beside the rio Huallaga, a major tributary to the Amazon river with huge rapids falling over enormous boulders - quite a sight to see when the river is in full flood conditions.  Chazuta has more of a connection with tribal people than does Sauce as there are several tribal communities further downstream from the town.  It also has a rich tradition of crafts, mainly wood-fired ceramic ware decorated with distinctive designs made from natural pigments but also artesanal chocolate made from locally grown cacau.

Our group led by Lourdes and accompanied by our wonderful German volunteers Luka and Victoria were welcomed by the grandmothers of Chazuta who wear their own distinctive style of hand-embroidered clothes and carry thier ceramic pots on their heads.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Welcome Rowan

Our newest grandson Rowen was born on May 12 in Asheville NC.  Lourdes and I have plans to visit him, his mother Betsy and his father Lief during November.  We've so far only seen Rowan in photos and are looking forward to meeting him in person.

Vertical rock garden, waterfall and koi pool

Work proceeds slowly on our house in Sauce.  I've had fun not being a carpenter for this project and trying my hand at stone work.  I got pink volcanic rocks from over the other side of the lake, white rocks from up on the mountain and rounded river rocks from the bank of the rio Huallaga to create this vertical garden with falling water that comes from a pipe perforated with little holes hidden behind the upper wooden shelf.  The water irrigates the plants and also makes interesting patterns flowing down the central tiles.  I made the plant containers by forming the shapes with chicken wire and then covering this with cement.  At the moment we have 3 goldfish and 2 turtles living in the pool.  Hopefully soon we'll get some koi as well.  I find it relaxing hanging out beside the plants and the falling water watching the evolving aquatic ecosystem.